Our hospitals have a comprehensive pharmacy to ensure your pet’s medications are available.  We carry prescribed medications, parasite controls, and vaccines and check expiration dates regularly.  Any medications that we do not have in stock, we are able to order in for the next day.  If your pet is difficult to give pills, we can often have a drug made in a flavored liquid or chew tab by one of the veterinary compounding pharmacies.  

Veterinarian prescribed medications are governed by the same laws as human medications which is why your pet must be examined by a veterinarian before a medication can be dispensed.  Your pet must have been examined within the last year for the prescribed condition; otherwise your pet will need to be booked in for an examination.

Please fill out the prescription refill online form or call the hospital for prescription refills.  Please allow 24 hours for processing so that we can prepare your pet’s prescription and have it ready for you when come in to pick it up.  We will contact you when your prescription is ready.