Finding the right food for your pet is very important and there are more diets available in the market all the time.  Veterinary diets are a major factor in extending the life of your pet and help your pet live a long and healthy life.  Pets have various nutritional requirements depending on age, breed, and health status.  Geriatric pets have different requirements than growing puppies and kittens.  The staff is constantly attending training in order to stay current in animal nutrition.  We carry a wide variety of diets, as we understand that every pet’s needs are unique.

Our teams would be happy to arrange a nutritional consultation with you and your pet where we assess your pet’s weight, overall wellness, review current diet, and make recommendations on your pet’s current nutritional needs.  We have several weight loss programs that we can review with you if your pet happens to be overweight.  These program includes regular weight checks and progress reports which are customized to your pet’s needs.  Overweight pets are susceptible to illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis, so it is important to manage your pet’s weight.

Our team is committed to working with you on all your pet’s nutritional needs.

Check out our webpage on Pet Foods and Supplies for more details on what foods our hospital has available.