Our hospitals have a wide selection of veterinary pet foods and treats for both cats and dogs that will enable your pet to live a long and healthy life.  We carry puppy and kitten diets, adult preventative/maintenance diets to therapeutic diets such as kidney, arthritis, intestinal, or urinary formulations.

A good quality pet food is 100% nutritionally complete for the pet’s particular life stage which means it supplies the correct amount of protein, minerals, and vitamins.  Too little or too much of certain nutrients are detrimental to your pet’s health, which is why we recommend the high quality diets sold at our hospital.  A high quality food is important because low quality foods can contain protein or other sources of nutrients that your pet cannot utilize  Non-veterinarian foods may be less concentrated in the nutrients that your pet requires.

Are veterinary foods more expensive? Although veterinary pet foods may seem to cost more than commercial store brands, the cost per day is very comparable and in many cases less.  The high quality of a veterinary food means you are able to feed your pet less and an added bonus is that your pet’s volume of stool will decrease.  Any of our team would be more than happy to do a cost per day analysis for you on any of our foods.

Pet food and supplies carried by our hospital are:

  • Nestle Purina Veterinary Diets
  • Medi-Cal / Royal Canin Veterinary Exclusive Diets
  • Hills Prescription Diets
  • Hills Healthy Advantage Diets
  • Dental Hygiene Supplies
  • Pet Shampoos and Conditioners
  • Healthy and Low-Calorie Treats


Purina® Pro Plan® Veterinary Diets