Halloween Pet Safety in Calgary, AB

Halloween is a fun and exciting time for kids and family pets.  But remember that All-Hallows-Eve may be a stressful and potentially dangerous day for your pets.

Guard the candy bowl at all times! CHOCOLATE is a favorite Halloween treat, but it is very toxic to pets.  The toxic dose is much smaller for small dogs and cats than it is for big dogs.  Contact your veterinarian immediatly if you think your pet ate chocolate.  Have the packaging available, and try to estimate how much was eaten.  Milk chocolate is less toxic than dark chocolate; baker’s chocolate is the worst.  If your veterinarian is concerned, he or she may make your pet vomit and give a medicine that absorbs toxins.

Be careful with decorations like jack-o-lanterns and free standing candles.  Curious cats may lose those beautiful whiskers or even suffer burns to their faces as they investigate the pretty flames.  And a wagging tail can knock over a candle, potentially causing a fire.

Some pets find all the loud company in bizarre costumes very stressful.  If you think all the outlandishly clad visitors will upset your pet, find them a quiet place to pass the evening.  Ensure pets are well identified with pet tags, a tattoo and/or a microchip in case they panic and escape from the house.  Remember to keep your contact information up-to-date with your veterinarian and microchip company.

Keep outdoor cats inside on this busy crazy night – especially black cats!  Outdoor cats live a much more dangerous life at the best of times.  Do not assume that everyone out on Halloween will be as kind to your pets as you are.

Only a well-socialized pet should go trick-or-treating with you – you don’t want your dog biting a particularly scary-looking 10-year-old vampire.  Consider a flashing collar or reflective tape as part of your pet’s costume.  Be cautious with hair dyes and makeup as they may irritate skin or eyes, and may be toxic when licked off or eaten by your pet.

By trying to anticipate and avoid problems before the first little goblins arrive, you can help to keep your four-legged family members safe.  Post your veterinarian’s phone number on the fridge.

All the Horizon Group veterinarians and staff wish you and your pet a safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!