Guess Where Calgary's Future Veterinarians are Training?

Did you know that Horizon Veterinary Group is actively involved in educating future veterinarians of Alberta? We are part of the University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (UCVM), the newest veterinary program in Canada, world-renown for its innovation and quality of education. Horizon is a proud member of UCVM’s Distributed Veterinary Learning Community (DVLC). The DVLC is comprised of private and public practices, federal and provincial agencies, and other animal industry partners across Alberta and international locations. The DVLC is tasked with providing senior year veterinary students with valuable hands-on clinical experience and mentoring via practicums as they finish their final year in preparation for graduation.

I came to the Horizon Group as a UCVM student in 2009, and enjoyed working with the Forest Lawn Veterinary team so much I joined the Horizon Group as an associate veterinarian in 2012 upon completing my studies. I am a member of the first ever graduating class from UCVM. It is a special joy for me to now be involved in teaching younger students from the same veterinary program.

The senior veterinary students are located primarily at our Forest Lawn Veterinary Hospital. They are actively involved with the supervising veterinarian with all aspects of a typical busy day – discussing wellness and preventative medicine, assisting with surgery, developing diagnostic and treatment plans, communicating with clients, researching cases, and providing compassionate and attentive patient care.

You may be fortunate enough to meet one of our veterinary students this fall and winter. If you do, feel free to ask them about what they enjoy most about veterinary medicine, their career goals, what student life is like, or any other questions you may have. You and your family pet are integral to their education!

Article by:  Dr. Brooke Berard, Bsc MSc DVM