Team Member


Client Care Specialist

Dana graduated from the Robertson College with a Veterinary Office Assistant Certificate in June 2012.  She has been with our Forest Lawn team since she graduated, initially completing her practicum and gaining valuable experience at our Riverbend Animal Clinic.  Dana loves her job and the people she works with, as well as all of the clients and patients we see day-to-day. 

She has a very sweet boy kitty named Paddy who always gets mistaken for a girl.  He comes into the clinic on occasion for a hair shave where the staff does a fun lion or dinosaur clip. She also has a little girl named Sasha who likes to sleep in the laundry basket a lot. They are both very talkative and keep Dana busy.

 Dana loves Calgary and has lived here her entire life.  She also loves going to BC to visit family and enjoy the beautiful mountains.