Team Member


Client Care Specialist

Jen grew up in the U.K. and emigrated to Canada in 2010. Having lived the ski bum lifestyle in Banff for 6 years, Jen decided to head to the big city to pursue a career in the animal health industry.  Jen loves all animals, and particularly dogs.  She is excited to join the Horizon Group and continue expanding her knowledge of veterinary medicine.

Over the years, she has had many pets including hamsters, fish, stick insects, and a very hyperactive german pointer named Tosca. Tosca even emigrated with the family to Canada and enjoyed her last years in rural Alberta. At the moment, Jen finds herself without a furry companion, but this will change very soon as Jen is actively searching the local rescue centers for the perfect little dog to be her best friend. The little guy pictured with Jen is Benji, her parent’s dog. He can only be described as part-terrier, part muppet creature. He is the funniest little dog and is the most loving boy. Benji will give you kisses all day if you let him.