Team Member


Registered Veterinary Technologist

Katie graduated from the Vermilion Lakeland College in 2012 as an Animal Health Technologist. She completed her practicum at the Calgary North Veterinary Hospital, enabling her to experience many interesting, exciting medical cases.  Through this great learning opportunity she was able to be part of helping many animals. Initially she worked at several of the Horizon hospitals and now is solely at the Marlborough Veterinary Hospital.

Katie has several fur babies: Tyson, Koen, Mr. P, and Bill.  Tyson is an orange tabby cat, Koen is a Morkie (yorkie/maltese), Mr. P. is a rescue kitty from Marlborough, and Bill is an Old English Mastiff. Her animals definitely keep her busy!

Katie grew up in Edson, AB and moved to Calgary when she was 11 years old. She spends lots of time with her family who still reside in Calgary.

Katie’s passions in the veterinary industry are dentistry and nutrition. As Katie would say, “it is very important to have nice smelling breath and be healthy”, something we know all pet owners want for their pets. She also has an interest in exotics, which she hopes to be able to learn more about in future endeavors.